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This program is specifically designed to join medical, addiction and behavioral health professionals and those influencing those practices to change their attitudes, increase their knowledge and competencies around substance use disorder issues facing today’s diverse society in order to develop and implement effective prevention and intervention / treatment programs and strategies through science, policy and practice. Ultimately, this will create improvement in ‘systems’ and clinical practices and client care in individual and community practices / programs.

  1. Increase awareness and share current knowledge of critical substance use issues throughout the life span and identify and define their relevance to peers, family members, business, and community and government influences
  2. Develop strategies to more effectively promote the healthy growth and development of individuals in all developmental stages and various cultural / ethnic backgrounds who are dealing with issues of substance use, misuse and abuse
  3. Provide effective working tools for professionals to properly intervene in said issues
  4. Familiarize participants with current policies, resources and resource needs in an interdisciplinary and collaborative environment
  5. Provide tools for professionals in policy, research and patient care to mobilize so as to develop and implement prevention and intervention programs in the business, community and/or government sectors of Utah and the intermountain states